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Three-Generations Rule
Listen, out in the belt, we do things differently. Not just from the Inner Worlds, but from each other. No two habitats are the same. We're all little islands of culture and history, separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers of empty space. But the one thing that runs through all of us is the importance of maintenance. It has to. Where it didn't, habitats failed. Societies collapsed. People died. But it wasn't always like that. Enough failures ensured that trait was selected for.
Earthers don't get it. They have open sky. Free air. Stable ecology. Sure, they had to learn the hard way the importance of managing all of that on a planetary scale, and their society almost failed because of their negligence, but they really have it good down there. Our margin of error is smaller. Resources are more scarce. We've got to budget accordingly.
It's called the Three-Generation rule. Basically, people get lazy. They get used to the idea of having a stable ecosystem around them. They skimp o
:iconsmpritchard:SMPritchard 22 8
First Flight
After several minutes of gee-forces and shaking, our ascent vehicle left the atmosphere of Mars.
There was very little to do once we were in orbit. Once the main engine finally cut out, I unclipped my restraints and floated up from my seat; I nearly slammed my head on the low ceiling, slowing myself with a quickly-placed hand. Looking around, I saw the others were doing the same; the tiny space was filled with floating bodies. It would be another few hours before we came around for our circularization burn, and then after that it would simply be a matter of waiting for our little ferry to catch up with the waiting ship, which would take the better part of a day.
Over the course of several hours our ship grew from a star-like point in the distance to something recognizable as a spacecraft. And indeed, it was a ship built for space. There were no aerodynamic shapes to speak of. It consisted mainly of a 40-meter long central truss structure upon which the rest of the ship's system were at
:iconsmpritchard:SMPritchard 5 1
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Seth Pritchard
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a physics student and aspiring sci-fi writer. I like to make pretty spaceships in my spare time.

If you're interested in contacting me for a commission, you can reach me at I'm currently open, as its the summer and my schedule is a bit freer. My rates are as follows:

$0.75 per in^2 + $15/hr

$15.00/hr modeling/texturing/rendering/compositing

$20.00/hr modeling/texturing/keyframing/baking/rendering/compositing


Titan Stripmine
Saturn's largest moon Titan is covered in dunes of complex long-chain hydrocarbons which rain down from its upper haze layers. The civilization around Saturn mines these hydrocarbons and carbon compounds to use in everything from agriculture to construction. Many of the load-bearing shells of the orbital habitats in Saturn-space use carbon fiber composites and carbon nanotube-based materials derived from Titanian organics as an adaptation to the lack of easily-accessable metals in the system.
Dizhou Station
Dizhou Station is a Stanford torus variant in High Earth orbit, part of the famous string of large habitats known as the Diamond Belt. Constructed between 2188 and 2195, the station was established as a location for scholars and corporations to carry out cutting-edge bio-engineering research that was prohibited on Earth, such as the construction of novel synthetic organisms and human cloning. Today, it still remains a hub of bioengineering and synthetic biology research in cis-Lunar space.
Brown Dwarf Transit
A large terrestrial planet transits in front of its Brown Dwarf parent. This L-type brown dwarf is fairly warm as these objects go; glowing with a temperature of just over 1300 K. The feeble light it gives off is barely enough to warm the small retinue of worlds it holds close to itself; all are rocky carbon-rich worlds dimly lit by their substellar host.

I made this as an illustration to go along with my latest post over on my blog, Atomic Coffee.
Light of the Giant
I'm trying to get back into digitial painting. This took about 4 hours or so. I'm not happy with the water, since I wanted it to look more foamy and wave-tossed. And I think the planet itself looks too flat.

Here we're on the shoreline of a warm, habitable moon orbiting a large gas giant. Even at night, the reflected sunlight from the parent planet's clouds provide ample light, much more than a full moon on Earth.
After the first few piloted Mars missions, NASA decided to set up a propellant depot on Phobos using water mined from its interior. In 2052, they contracted several private spaceflight companies to launch the components for what would become the first propellant refinery beyond low-Earth orbit. Largely automated, its construction and operation was overseen by a small crew of 6 astronauts. As private companies began flying their own missions to Mars, ferrying crew, cargo, and eventually settlers, Phobos' role as propellant depot rapidly grew as the demand for large payloads to Mars increased. By 2100, several independent propellant manufacturing companies had sprung up on the moon, servicing nearly every spacecraft around Mars.

4 large rotating habitats are nestled inside the loose rubble of Phobos' interior, using the bulk of the moon as radiation shielding. Placed on the Mars-facing hemisphere of Phobos, they use Mars itself as a shield from cosmic radiation to protect their entrances and outside infrastructure, due to the fact that Phobos is tidally-locked to Mars. 
Hello, followers.

Several months ago, I was contacted by the leader of a start-up game company to produce 3D assets for their space-based RTS game "Asteroid Ventures". Over the past few months, I've been creating test models and recently working hard on rendering animations for our cinematic announcement trailer, which was uploaded on YouTube on June 30th for Asteroid Day. You can watch the announcement trailer here.

Asteroid Ventures is a game about expanding into the solar system and using its resources to explore, expand, and survive. Start as a small private spaceflight company on Earth, relocate and mine small NEOs to build profit and experience, and then go on to build bases on the Moon, cis-Lunar space, and beyond. Colonize Mars, monopolize the Asteroid Belt, and press out into the dark, mysterious realm of the Outer Planets. How far can you go? 

The game is still very much in development. It'll be a while before we have anything playable to test, and there's still some things I'm not allowed to discuss yet.

I'm very excited about this project, and I'm proud to present this trailer to all of you! I hope you enjoy it. :)


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Thanks! I use Blender. It's an awesome open-source (and free!) 3D modeling/animation software. It has a rather steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's amazingly powerful.

As for tutorials, two of the best resources I know of are the BlenderArtists forum and the Noob to Pro Wikibook.
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